The Quarantine Disaster

The lockdown has capsuled us in our houses and most of us are either hungry or sleepy. I tried baking chocolate chip cookies for the first time. Like a noob, I googled secure recipes of famous bakers and wearing my visionary chef’s entered the kitchen the next morning. My mother was troubled by the thought of me being alone in the kitchen and couldn’t resist storming into the kitchen with her army. In a strained way, she hushed me out of the kitchen. But I could not let the chef inside me die ev

Gwenno Slams St David’s Hall Privatisation As “Selling Venue Down The River.”

As Cardiff Council rushes through plans to hand the beloved St David’s Hall over to a commercial operator, artists and performers are joining those protesting to save the venue’s future.

Performers and artists in Wales have rounded on Cardiff Council over its plans to allow a private firm to take over the running of St David’s Hall – one of the city’s most treasured public venues.

Acclaimed musician, singer and DJ Gwenno lambasted the move as one which sells the venue “down the river to neolib

Our senior citizens are in danger!

Our senior citizens are in danger!

Throughout the lockdown cases of rapes and assaults of females have been reported by the media, from minors to senior citizens, are women actually safe in India?

Recently in Uttar Pradesh, a 74-year-old lady was admitted to the hospital after a lung infection was diagnosed. At night, when the male nursing staff, who was in deep sleep and under the influence of alcohol, got annoyed by the constant request of the lady to take her to the washroom. They tied the

Breaking Taboos // Men's Mental Health

Join us at CUTV as we talk to Shresth Goel and Marco Ricci about the importance of Men's Mental Health. This unconventional conversation was a tricky topic but fun one at the same time! Through this video we hope to start more conversations around men's mental health. We look at how it can be sparked and the stereotype's that surround men which we should start to dismantle!

We would love to hear what you think and to start a conversation with us and others in the comments below.

Anchor/Director: Muskan Arora
Editor: Charlotte Carswell


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